Попытайтесь ответить на все 44 вопроса. В каждом вопросе только один правильный ответ. Если вы не знаете правильного ответа, пропустите этот вопрос. Пожалуйста, не пользуйтесь словарями, переводчиками, учебниками и помощью других людей, чтобы Ваш результат был наиболее объективным. Ориентировочное время прохождения теста – 15-20 минут.

1. Его сестра врач?
2. What time _________ home?

3. Which sentence is NOT correct?

4. I haven’t got ______ cheese in my fridge.

5. ______ you afraid of dark when you were a child?

6. Last year we ________ to a great concert.

7. Travelling to the mountains is __________ travelling to the lake.

8. Men usually _______ suits, ties and shoes in an office.

9. You__________ come to the meeting. It’s not very important.

10. Which sentence is NOT correct?

11. Because of the rain, the train went very ______ so I arrived at the office ______.

12. ________your children ______ school? – Yes, they ________ a long time ago.

13. Which question is NOT correct?

14. The employees _________ for the customers in the photo.

15. We _________ to Rome next week! Here are the tickets.

16. You _______ chew gum in the classroom.

17. While I __________ it _______ to rain.

18. We ___________ each other since we were children. And we are friends now.

19. She________ in London, but now she lives in Madrid.

20. Your child eats __________. He may have health problems.

21. _____ dogs are very friendly animals.

22. The criminals __________ by the police last Monday.

23. If you ______ your class, don’t worry, I _______some notes for you.

24. Sorry, I can’t help you. _______

25. While they ______ at the gate, they _____ the flight would be five hours late.

26. Which sentence is NOT correct?

27. I’m very tired today. I think I _______ to bed earlier.

28. Which sentence is NOT correct?

29. Which sentence is NOT correct?

30. Why don’t we call my mother now? – No. __________

31. She ___________ Chinese for more than 10 years and still cannot speak it.

32. He knew _________ doctors in the city, so he could contact them anytime.

33. If I’d met you, we _____ had lunch.

34. She asked them what time ______ leave.

35. _________, I always believed that Italian was easy.

36. All you emails ____________ by your administration all day long.

37. We’ve moved to Findland from Spain and we ____________ the cold climate.

38. Lia was fired but now she’s found an even better job! – Really? Well, ___________

39. Each machine would probably sell two hundred cans a day ________ the market was saturated.

40. By the time you pass your exam, I _____________ to you.

41. We’ve visited ___________ concerts in my time, probably hundreds, but we’ve never seen such an exciting performance.

42. If we hadn’t been working together we _________ now.

43. Steve ______ his way as he’s never late.

44. __________ by the branches of a tree, the boy was able to spy on his friends without them _______.

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