Спробуйте відповісти на всі 44 запитання. У кожному питанні лише одна правильна відповідь. Якщо ви не знаєте правильної відповіді, пропустіть це запитання. Будь ласка, не користуйтеся словниками, перекладачами, підручниками та іншими людьми, щоб Ваш результат був найбільш об’єктивним. Орієнтовний час проходження тесту – 15-20 хвилин.

1. Його сестра лікар?
2. What time _________ home?

3. Which sentence is NOT correct?

4. I haven’t got ______ cheese in my fridge.

5. ______ you afraid of dark when you were a child?

6. Last year we ________ to a great concert.

7. Travelling to the mountains is __________ travelling to the lake.

8. Men usually _______ suits, ties and shoes in an office.

9. You__________ come to the meeting. It’s not very important.

10. Which sentence is NOT correct?

11. Because of the rain, the train went very ______ so I arrived at the office ______.

12. ________your children ______ school? – Yes, they ________ a long time ago.

13. Which question is NOT correct?

14. The employees _________ for the customers in the photo.

15. We _________ to Rome next week! Here are the tickets.

16. You _______ chew gum in the classroom.

17. While I __________ it _______ to rain.

18. We ___________ each other since we were children. And we are friends now.

19. She________ in London, but now she lives in Madrid.

20. Your child eats __________. He may have health problems.

21. _____ dogs are very friendly animals.

22. The criminals __________ by the police last Monday.

23. If you ______ your class, don’t worry, I _______some notes for you.

24. Sorry, I can’t help you. _______

25. While they ______ at the gate, they _____ the flight would be five hours late.

26. Which sentence is NOT correct?

27. I’m very tired today. I think I _______ to bed earlier.

28. Which sentence is NOT correct?

29. Which sentence is NOT correct?

30. Why don’t we call my mother now? – No. __________

31. She ___________ Chinese for more than 10 years and still cannot speak it.

32. He knew _________ doctors in the city, so he could contact them anytime.

33. If I’d met you, we _____ had lunch.

34. She asked them what time ______ leave.

35. _________, I always believed that Italian was easy.

36. All you emails ____________ by your administration all day long.

37. We’ve moved to Findland from Spain and we ____________ the cold climate.

38. Lia was fired but now she’s found an even better job! – Really? Well, ___________

39. Each machine would probably sell two hundred cans a day ________ the market was saturated.

40. By the time you pass your exam, I _____________ to you.

41. We’ve visited ___________ concerts in my time, probably hundreds, but we’ve never seen such an exciting performance.

42. If we hadn’t been working together we _________ now.

43. Steve ______ his way as he’s never late.

44. __________ by the branches of a tree, the boy was able to spy on his friends without them _______.

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